IOM and the Government of Namibia have been collaborating on a number of initiatives, over the last few years, to maximize the potential of migration for the country’s development. Within the framework of this effort, IOM and the Government of Namibia jointly organized a 2-day Priority setting workshop on the implementation plan of the national migration policy in the current financial year (2023/2024). The workshop aimed to enhance the knowledge of key actors in migration management and identify priorities for the NMP and its implementation strategy in the next three years.

Government officials engaged on a technical exercise where they identified priorities within the NMP. The need to Strengthen the migration policy, legal, and institutional frameworks through the use of the Migration Profile to support well-evidenced and data driven policies was echoed during the workshop. Furthermore, it was encouraged that there be ratification of remaining international conventions of the ILO and UN and the effective implementation of all ratified international and regional instruments and ensure effective harmonization of national migration policy and institutional frameworks with international instruments of the ILO and UN.