Mixed migration refers to complex migratory population movements that include refugees, asylum seekers, victims of trafficking, migrant workers and other migrants, as opposed to migratory population movements that consist entirely of one category of individuals. The mixed nature of these movements, consisting of different groups of migrants with differing motivations to travel and different protection needs, makes it necessary to put in place migration policies, legislation and referral mechanisms that respond to individual needs.


Output 3.1:

Relevant government services have the technical and financial capacity to capture, store and manage harmonised cross-border data on mixed migration flows and vulnerable migrants (women, disabled, children and youth).

Output 3.2:

National and regional actors have the technical and financial capacities to develop and implement harmonised mixed migration policies.

Output 3.3:

Existing regional and national platforms assure consultations, exchanges and capacity building on irregular/mixed migration issues.

Output 3.4:

A Regional Mixed Migration Policy Framework ensure adequate protection to vulnerable migrants (addressing trafficking and including refugees, asylum seekers and IDPs).

Output 3.5:

National referral systems and participatory protection frameworks assure improved protection for irregular migrants and awareness on the risk of irregular migration.


Enhancement of the production, analysis, dissemination, and utilization of migration data to inform mixed migration-related policies, programming, and communication.

Policies and strategies developed, adopted and implemented at regional and/or national level for protection and assistance to refugees, IDPs and other mixed migration flows.

Trafficking in persons

Smuggling of migrants.

Awareness campaigns and provision of information on access to protection and assistance issues including AVRR for stranded and vulnerable migrants as well as asylum seekers and refugees caught in the mixed flow.

Refugees and asylum-seekers

Internally displaced persons




Evidence-based management strategies and policies to address mixed migration challenges, including assurance of appropriate protection frameworks for vulnerable migrants, are formulated and implemented.